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Every month we love catching up with our favourite blogging baes to find out what inspires their style game, as well as their best tips and tricks when it comes to the sassy world of blogging. This month we’re shining our spotlight on Sabina Sher of Fashernably Late.

Sabina wears our Daria Black Lace Bodysuit | Elle Black Lace Up Choker | Tamaris Black Studded Ankle Boots | Reid Black Tassel Shoulder Bag | Imelda High Waisted PU trousers

A northern gal at heart, Sabina has worked in styling and marketing within the fashion industry before taking up blogging full time. We love Sabina’s honesty when it comes to blogging topics which include ‘why I quit my 9-5’ and ‘Instagram ya dead.’

Who is your style inspiration?

Bloggers. Bloggers. Bloggers! I love keeping up with new trends and seeing them first hand on girls who are relatable as I've never been one for following celebrity styles. I feel you can rarely replicate the outfit without doing some serious damage to your bank balance, but with bloggers, you can slay all the same with the helping hand of next day delivery (my favourite thing in the world)!

What is your very best tip when it comes to styling?

Always wear what you feel comfortable in! This applies to whether you're wanting to break away from your usual style, dress a little fancier for a night out or simply want to keep it cool for that first date... If you plan your outfit around an item you know is your go-to piece, an item that you feel amazing in, then play around with the other pieces to make it fit the occasion. This way, when you're mixing up your style, you still have an element of comfort to fall back on. I know I feel my sassiest when I feel confident in what I'm wearing! 


What is the best part of being a blogger?

There are a lot of perks to being a blogger and I often feel so privileged with some of the opportunities that have come my way! But, I honestly feel that the best part of being a blogger for me is that people are interested in what it is I have to say & write about. Positive feedback and comments from my readers is just amazing! I love that they can relate to what I'm talking about and they come back again and again - it is probably the most rewarding aspect, it's the one thing that pushes me to keep creating content!

Do you have any advice for somebody wanting to become a blogger in 2017?

Be yourself! I get asked at least once a week 'How do I start a blog?' and the answer is always the same... write about things you're interested in and that you want to share. Blogging is as much of a learning curve as it is a passion, you find your own natural rhythm with content, ideas & creativity and no one can tell you how to be yourself!

What is your best advice for somebody who says they haven't got a particular style?

This is a good thing! You can switch it up from one look to the next without feeling like it's not really your 'thing' - as long as you feel comfortable in it, then that's all that matters, right? You might also find that you're still developing your style - I know my style fluctuates massively depending on what mood I'm in and this probably has a lot to do with my out-of-hand shopping addiction!

What is your current favourite Misspap piece and why?

I'm in love with the Monique Black Faux Ostrich Feather Jacket! Faux fur jackets are literally the only thing I have worn this season, so this little addition is perfect for not only my huge ever-growing collection, but also for Valentine’s day coming up!



What are your top tips for taking the perfect Insta-selfie?

It's all about that lighting baby! I always face the window so I get the most natural light coming in, but sometimes I spin round in a circle to find where looks best. Depending on what time of day it is, natural light can also be a little too harsh & it can wash you out so play around and spin on the spot like I do until you find what's right!

How would you best describe your style?

I never know how to answer this as I find my style is quite eclectic and can range from anything from oversized jackets, jeans & trainers to faux leather trousers, bodysuits & fur jackets. I like to switch it up & keep it interested.

What is your favourite filter and why? (Can be an app too!)

I use the VSCO app to apply filters to all my Instagram images. I fluctuate from using HB1 and HB2. I love my images to be really contrasted and as my hair is so dark, these filters add a blue-ish tinge to my hair which I love! It also means it keeps the theme constant across all my Instagram images.

Who is your favourite blogger at the moment and why?

My favourite blogger at the moment is Alicia Roddy - I just love how everything looks on her, the way she pieces together outfits and her images never fail to leave me uninspired when I'm struggling for something new to wear. Go check her out!

What is next for you Sabina throughout 2017

I have been toying with the idea of Youtube for a while now, but the sound of my own voice is horrifying to me, so that's something I'm trying to work on. Maybe some mini Instagram videos to ease myself in might help. I also have travel plans for later in the year, so if you're after a new travel blog to follow, then keep your eyes peeled!

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