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So… what is International Women’s Day? This day is all about #GirlPower and most importantly taking a moment to recognise the sacrifices made by all the boss ladies that have helped get females the balance and equality that we deserve. So, keep readin’ to see who made it into our top influential women who are makin’ waves right now.

Meet Some Of Our Fave Empowering Women

Ariana Grande

We are Ariana obsessing over here. When thinking of our most influential women of the moment obviously we couldn’t forget this superstar who has dealt with horrendous tragedies at such a young age. This picture was taken during the Manchester One Love charity concert. After the horrific event that happened in 2017 Ariana did everything, she could to comfort loved ones of the 22 people tragically killed. Although Ariana will be scarred for life from this horrendous event, she truly boasts strength and has an incredibly positive attitude towards life. So, we’d just like to thank you for being a role model that young girls can look up to. Looking forward to your next slayin’ single, Thank U Next…

Michelle Obama

Well where do we start with the fabulous former first lady that is Michelle Obama… Last year Michelle went on a cross-country book tour in support of her best-selling memoir. The book revealed that her and the president are simply two human beings like the rest of us, doing their best to make their country proud. So, our first African Americain first lady took the worlds most demanding spotlight and she has been an absolute inspiration to women across the globe. We applaud you Michelle, you will go down in girl power history.

Meghan Markle

Of course our beautiful princess Meghan Markle made the cut! When this Hollywood actress joined the royal family she didn’t hold back on her views about feminism. She often spoke out about how women should use their voice to make positive change to the world. So, we’d just like to thank Meghan for being a genuinely caring and compassionate woman who isn’t afraid to speak her mind.

Serena & Venus Williams

This dreamy duo of tennis champions are always giving us women power feels. These two legendary tennis queens have been trained from an early age using their will power and ambition to achieve numerous grand-slam titles, between the two of them they have 30 grand slam title wins. On top of this they both carry themselves in the most gracious manner when competing against each other. So, a big congrats to these amazing athletes doing it for the girls.

Emma Watson

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget the queen of feminism. I’m sure we’ve all heard that it is no co-incidence that male leads in films are often paid more than female leads. Emma spoke out about this topic and explained how as a woman she should be paid the same as her male counterparts. She is a strong believer that she should be able to make decisions about her body and that women should in all occasions have the same respect as a man. And to all this we say, you go girl! Emma has been a role model for girls since a young age when she starred in Harry Potter as Hermione Granger. Her woman power was seriously enforced in the 3rd film when she gives Draco Malfoy a serious telling off! So, we’d love to see you keep preachin’ about feminism sister!

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