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Ever wanted to know how to take a blogger worthy OOTD pic for Insta? Step forward TOTAL blogging bae, Layla Panam sharing with us her ultimate tips and tricks on how to take the sassiest OOTD pic for Instagram.

Tip 1: Lighting

Make sure there is enough light in your room - you need to make sure that your outfit is clear when taking your OOTD snap!

Tip 2: Background

A white wall is always best, you’ll see a lot of bloggers take mirror snaps with a plain wall behind them. It’s mostly because then there is no distractions from the outfit - also it looks way better for your Instagram!
MAKE SURE YOUR BACKGROUND ISN’T MESSY! Hide your dirty clothes out of the image!

Tip 3: The Crop

It doesn’t matter if you don’t get your whole outfit in. Focus on what really makes your outfit and work the images around that. If you’re OOTD is all about your slogan tee then move closer to the mirror so your tee is the main focus rather than standing far back and it gets blurred with your whole outfit.
If your outfit is all about your shoes, then sit or crouch in front of the mirror. This brings your shoes more into focus and to the forefront of the image.

Tip 4: Pose

It’s always good to mix up your stance and pose. No one wants to see the same picture every time especially when your outfit might look similar to one you’ve posted before!

Tip 5: Quality

The most successful OOTD images are all about quality, No one can see your cute outfit if your outfit isn’t even in focus. I use my Olympus Pen ELP-7 camera for mostly all of my Instagram images with a 45mm lens. Now this gives you the best image for a blurry background however I can’t fit all of my outfit in. 
If I do want to get my whole outfit in then I might use my iPhone - just make sure you have plenty of lighting to get the highest quality. 

Tip 6: Edit

Finish off your perfect OOTD image by editing your image. Use VSCO or Facetune for brightening your image. Check our the Misspap guide to the best apps for editing.
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